Essay on Ecology

Major Elements of Ecosystem I Need to Define to Write My Essay on Ecology

How to write my essay on ecologyHomo sapiens are complex organisms who have complex interactions with their environments. The study of this complexity of living organism with their environment is called ecology.  This environment includes everything into itself, and other living organisms are not the exception. The basic building block of any ecosystem is the food web. This food web actually defines how a class of organism obtains their food and how the hunter gets hunted by a superior class. It helps in identifying the chain of command in animal world. Write My Essay experts are sure this short essay on ecology would help us to determine the major elements of our very own ecosystem.

Ecosystem depends on two types of systems i.e. Biotic and Abiotic. Biotic systems generally include all living organisms and their feedback amongst each other. On the other hand Abiotic systems include the non living parts of the ecosystem. In order to sustain life on the planet earth, equilibrium between both of these components is very important. Any factor taking lead on the others may result in catastrophe such as prolonged dry spells inducing famine, floods, weather pattern changes etc.

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Why Is It so Important to Write My Essay on Ecology?

The study of ecology dates back to the period of Aristotle and Hippocrates who are considered to be amongst the first to study the behavior and interactions of plants and animals with their respective environment. Although in the day there was no specific name given to this branch, but one can find word “ECOLOGY” used as a sub branch of biology in late 18th century. write my essay on EcologyWrite My Essay specialists think there is no doubt that today ecology is one of the major fields of biology. With our world facing problems such as famines on vast areas of lands such as African states, global warming, extinction of many species, the study of ecology has gained immense importance as it is the only way we can answer question about our very own mother nature whom we are disrupting with our own hands.

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