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This essay on Modern American History iterates the elements and events that have shaped the American history. Write My Essay professionals point out that Modern American history isn’t very modern as the name says as the start of it dates back to the start of 15th century. Europe at that time was considered to be the hegemone of the world as it gave birth to the Roman Empire, the British Empire and Scottish kingdom. These three major super powers were fighting economically, for the supremacy and various navigational ships were sent in search of new lands to be included in the reign.

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When America was discovered it was home to native red Indians. They had their own customs and traditions. When influx of people from Europe and other continents had started to occur, America quickly gained potential and popularity. American history was greatly shaped by the events of French revolution when the fight amongst a few colonies had grown and the upheaval had spread throughout Europe. That was the time when major Europeans left Europe and migrated towards America. Seeing high number of skilled labor coming in, Benjamin Franklin was ordered to form the charter of democracy for America. That was the document which gave rights to people and protected them. Write My Essay experts would like to emphasize that Abraham Lincoln, another major personality of modern American history, also strived hard to achieve his goals of making America a developed nation like others in Europe.

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The major turning point that transformed America into the United States of America was the Philadelphia convention. Here the constitution was laid down with a strong central government being at the epicenter. Freedom of rights and freedom of speech was given to the people who accept the new constitution.Write my essay on Modern American History

Write My Essay experts are sure that the industrial revolution was another major event in the history that has shaped modern America to a great extent. Americans were quick to move from agricultural based economy to industrial based one. Because of the guarantee of investments protecting and rights assurance, entrepreneurs from all over Europe moved to the United States of America. Europe was left behind for not being proactive and in this way America leaped onto the first stair of success.

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