Essay on Unemployment

I Need to Write My Essay about the Pressing Problem of Unemployment

How to write my essay on UnemploymentUnemployment is a word that raises many ears in today’s world. With a new generation coming into the workforce at a time where the economic depression still lures on our heads, this generic term of “unemployment” is heard often. In order to “write my essay on unemployment”, we first need to understand the basic definition of unemployment. The most acceptable definition for unemployment is people who are willing to work but are not able to find one. Unemployment involves four major types and all of them pose a serious threat to the economic stability not only of the individual but also the whole country.

Unemployment Types I Should Know to Write My Essay

“My essay on unemployment” firstly focuses on the most hazardous form of unemployment i.e. structural unemployment. Here with the change of technology, people become obsolete to work in the changing world. If you don’t update yourself, you’ll be left far behind. This is a major form of unemployment nowadays not only in the underdeveloped world but also in the developed countries. Frictional unemployment is another major form of unemployment. This is the time where people are switching to some new job and they are jobless for some days. Write My Essay on UnemploymentThe most harming unemployment form is the cyclical unemployment. This results due to various economic depressions and bubble bursts. Companies during a depression cut down on their spending and tend to save more. The production for that reason goes down and as a result, hundreds and thousands of people are laid off. This is what our world is recently going through. The depression still exists and some companies which once have been in fortune 500, are bankrupts now. As result, unemployment has skyrocketed in recent past.

Unemployment is a disease for any given economy. Steps should be taken by the government to eradicate this menace. There are no positive aspects of any form of unemployment and people who are unemployed only eat up the resources of their own families and country.

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