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classification essay writingIn everyday life we often face a necessity to classify different things around us. Sometimes we do it subconsciously, without even realizing that we still categorize these objects. We rubricize our businesses into important and minor ones, distinguish holiday and daily clothes and even sort papers at our writing table. We are not aware of the fact that everything may be classified. If you are to write a classification essay your number one task is to brainstorm and choose the object you are going to classify. You may choose almost every object, e.g. sport cars, kinds of sports, computer games or foreign tourists. The point is to categorize them according to the one and only principle of organization. If you write about classical literature, for instance, you may categorize the book according to the country its author belonged to, his epoch, related to certain schools etc. Do not mix criteria – it is strictly forbidden!


It is obvious that classifying different objects demands some special skills. You are to know exactly how this or that thing, subject or phenomena is classified. Then choose a subcategory – type, group or kind. The criteria you use should be concrete, discriminating, and not abstract. In one paragraph you may give a detailed description of the one categorized object and outline similarities or differences with other objects of this class as well. Each category should be provided with a decent number of bright examples, showing advantageous sides of the object described.

Order of Categorized Objects

It is up to you to decide in what order to name your items. Some authors prefer to begin with most significant, important ones; others like to reserve the major information for desert. No matter what order you choose, remember that your category should be detailed enough, not broadened.

Classification essays have traditional three-component structure and contain an introduction, body paragraphs and a final one, containing conclusion or some recommendations. Main transition words used in this type of essay to tie the paragraphs together are “the first/second/third… type”. It is almost impossible to break the logical construction, so you practically have no chances to make a mistake.

Get on in Categorizing

Improve your classification skills by writing more and more classification essays. Craftsmanship comes with experience only! On the other hand, if you do not feel like perfecting yourself, trust writing of your essay to a professional writer.

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