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research essay writingA research essay for every subject supposes a kind of investigation to establish facts or principles or to collect information on a topic. You are not only to systematize the material, but also compare the opinions of competent authorities with your own.

Rough Stages of the Writing Process

The first traditional phase of any essay type writing is choosing the topic. If you are not given a definite topic by your tutor, you may pick it up yourself. It is desirable that the subject would interest you. In the opposite case, it would be a real burden for you to carry a dull research.

Be sure to find an appropriate topic – try to avoid too broad ones. There are thousands of books written on almost every topic, so you could easily lose your way in this ocean of sources. On the other hand, do not go to extremes and narrow your topic too much. For example, instead of writing an essay about Celtic culture, you may investigate their architectural acoustics; or describe solemnization of marriage of African tribes rather than their traditions in general.

After you have chosen the topic for your essay, proceed to collecting the material. Texts to prove your point of view are not optional, but obligatory! Surf the net, visit web-based informational services and e-libraries, rummage in publications of different countries/authors. Today it is no longer a problem to find the needed data in almost every language. Do not be lazybones, collect all your enthusiasm and set to work.

The next final stage is actually writing. Organize all the important facts you have found according to the standard essay three-component structure.

A Few Tips to Follow

  • A research essay unlike yearly project or research paper is focused on one central question; do not go into explaining everything. Your task is to highlight one particular aspect.
  • Be aware of plagiarism, because you may have a severe penalty for it. There is nothing easier than just copy someone’s work. Review the sources, pick up necessary abstracts and obligatory give references. Besides, do not forget to follow the rules of bibliography – there are particular principles for text-books, monographs, journal articles and Internet-publications.
  • Do not forget about presenting your own perspective of the topic. State whether you support the famous authors, or – on the contrary – criticize them. In both cases be sure to provide your opinion with needed arguments.
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