Bullying Laws Research Paper Writing

Bullying is an act that has gone from being something harmless to being extremely dangerous. Many reports have mentioned how dangerous bullying can be and the results of some bullying tactics that have led to the death of a person. Bullying or ranging is very common in schools and colleges. Bullying or raging juniors is often said to be a way to connect to them. But since when is embarrassing a student in front of many a way of being introducing. Bullying a person to get money or objects that is not owned by one or for that matter just scaring someone is the common purposes.

A perfect start for your research paper writing would with an incident on bullying that resulted into a serious situation or an article of a college student who was bullied and committed suicide. An impactful article in the beginning of your essay writing is bound to grab the attention of your reader. There are so many news reports these days that mention about the heights of bullying and raging that takes place in college which not only leads to the student getting scared but also in certain cases where the student out of fear takes extreme decisions. There have been mentions of articles where during the course of bullying, people have been killed.

Having addressed these issues, the next step that needs to be taken when I write my essay, is to speak about if the governments needs to impose bullying laws to ensure safety?  How important is it for the federal or state government to impose bullying laws to prevent students in campuses form being bullied. IS it really necessary? Yes it is, to ensure the safety of citizens. With the growing number of crimes in the world today, bullying is soon becoming a small step toward the big crimes.

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