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The miss world of 2011 is…….!! But do beauty pageants really have any relation to any kind of social issue? Do they serve any purpose in the society or is it a mere form of entertainment? A long 5-6 hour of program with numerous rounds and questions that the world watches with extreme excitement. But what is the purpose of beauty pageants apart from being a platform for young girls to the career of modeling and acting. Do they have any relation to the society or is it just market gimmick?  Beauty contests have been going on for ages and centuries now, but have they been of any good to the society? How do I write my essay on beauty pageants is the question?

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A start to the research paper writing on beauty contest can start off with mentioning the history of beauty pageants, how the first ever beauty contest came into existence in 1854. The real motive and purpose behind these beauty pageants or contest were to highlight the different aspects of women and bring out their personal success in the lime light. Mention in your essay writing, how the participants and winners of these pageants would promote community involvement.  How involved these women were in social causes were after the pageants. Yes, the beauty contest were a platform to their success and stardom, but earlier these pageants were introduced as a medium of promoting social service and high lighting social causes.

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Said that, you can mention in your research paper writing, how beauty contest have changes over the years. Though the contests still run today, they are more or less platforms to enter the glam world. Working for a social cause and promoting social issues have taken a backseat to modeling and movie assignments. The whole idea of beauty pageants has changed over time. A proper end to your essay writing would be by concluding it with a proper conclusion to your opinion.

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