Research Paper on Child Soldiers

When the topic for research paper writing is a sensitive one like child soldiers it is very important that the topic be handled with utmost care. It is very important in this case to get the facts about the topic right and make sure pro writers did the job for rate my paper request before sending paper for final revision to your professor. The question that strikes you would be how I start to write my essay. Well the first paragraph should be pertaining to the beginning of using children in wars. A brief summary in the essay writing that consists of the history, the uses and the requirements of child soldiers. The introduction must not be a lengthy one, it must be pertaining to the facts and should be eye catching interesting.

As it is known, the use of child soldiers can be of three types. The first as children being used as soldiers who take part in wars, the other where child soldiers are used as messengers, spies, porters and sexual slaves and the third they are used as a political advantage. The history of child soldiers back can be traced to centuries ago. There have been many wars and fights that have taken place in time in which child soldiers have taken a part in. Children as young as the age of 8 have taken part in wars performing one of the three duties.

Having mentioned these points in your research paper writing mention the different laws that have been imposed in order to curb the use of child soldiers in wars and battles. The United Nations keep trying their best to impose the resolutions of children armed in conflict in order to stop the use of children in war. Research well for this topic and give examples of various wars, namely World War II where child soldiers played an important role. Also mention the laws that have imposed to stop child soldiers from participating in wars.

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