Short Thesis

Short term papers are often some of the toughest because it can be so hard to figure out what to write. More than anything it’s hard to strike a good balance, because writing too much will easily go over the word count requirement and that can look extremely bad to some instructors who have particularly rigid rules about these kinds of things. On the other hand going below the word count will make the paper entirely too short. A healthy balance has to be struck somewhere between the two extremes.

Tackling a Short Thesis

Some of these papers and short essays might end up being formatted as a single paragraph. If that’s the case then things shouldn’t be too hard really. That’s actually the best way these can be, though it’s not always an option. Actually in a few cases a bit of white space can makes things more readable. It really comes down to preferences, though commercial writing always needs the additional white space while academic writing might not have these kinds of requirements.

Always check to be sure that the writing process doesn’t include the citations and bibliography. If that’s the case adding a lot of citations can turn a very short sort of thesis statement into an extremely short one. As a result it’s important to strike a balance here as well as everywhere else, and choose a citation format that not only fits the teacher’s orders but also the type of paper that’s being written and the ultimate length.

Writing Short Thesis

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