Tips for the Race and Ethnicity Sociology Essay Writing

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Cancer is one of those diseases that conjures up images of death and suffering in all who hear its name yet it is becoming something that is becoming easier to diagnose and to treat as we make more and more advances in medical science. Yet when someone is diagnosed with cancer they are generally treated purely for the disease and little thought is given by the medical profession regarding how that person may feel like a person and how having contracted this disease will be affecting them mentally. We also fail to consider the sociological aspects of the disease in that many friends and even family will often avoid the affected individual as they themselves do not know how to cope with the situation. Writing a sociology essay on this subject will require a huge amount of thought and research.

Outlining Your Essay on Sociology

If your race and ethnicity sociology essay is to research the effects of cancer on mental health then you will have to find out what the actual effects are and what triggers them within the sufferer and also potentially those around the person who has been diagnosed. Often the greater effects are felt by the family and friends of the person diagnosed not just they suffer themselves.

Your introduction needs to cover a basic explanation as to what cancer is and how it can affect just about anyone at any age. You also need to show how cancer is perceived as being a killer by many and how the treatment is often seen as being as bad as the disease itself.

Your essay on sociology then needs to explore the social side of this issue and how society at large perceives the disease, how it affects the lives of those diagnosed, how it affects those around the sufferers and even the healthcare professionals that have to treat them on a daily basis.

There are many issues that you could explore as part of this norm violation paper for sociology essay but each should be provided with its own paragraph in which you should explore the available research if you need to make references to ensure that you cite them clearly within the paragraph.

The conclusion is where you reiterate what you have discussed and provided the reader with your own personal insights and suggestions to improve the situation.

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