The topic of my admission essay is “What is the best advice you ever received?” Please help me to write my essay on it!

When I write my essay on the best advice I have received, I must take this time to ponder on the advice that has been given to me. In life, people like to give advice but not receive it. Thus, when I think of what to write for this essay, I should think about advice that has been given to me that I have listened to and taken seriously.

When I write my essay, I must give a background of the advice that I have received and the context of where it came from. I should explain how I ended up receiving that advice. For example, the best advice that I have received is a rather clichéd one but for me, it has made the most impact. The advice is “It is better to give than to receive.” It sounds corny and overused but for me it is the best one that because understood the meaning of this phrase the hard way. I remember complaining about not getting the all things I want from my parents despite the fact that I performed relatively well in school. I always wanted more than what I already had. I constantly wanted to “receive” something. My parents always reminded me of this. Things changed when my family and I went to volunteer to help those who were affected by a recent storm. The victims had lost everything they had. All they had left was the clothes on their backs and their loved ones. Here I was complaining about not getting everything I wanted and there are people who were dependent on what people can offer to them out of kindness.

When I write my essay, I should also add how this piece of advice has shaped me and helped me in the long run. I also talk about how it has affected me and changed my outlook in life. After that incident, I learned to count my blessings and give more than receive. I spend part of my time volunteering at the local soup kitchen giving out food to the hungry. That experience has helped shape me into a better person.

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