Tips on Business Ethics Article Analysis

business ethics article analysis

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Common assignment for students is article analysis. With it, you need to read the article and to prove if that article is effective or not. You need to make arguments also in order to satisfy readers. You need to get the author is discussing about and what can you say about it.

Tips in Writing Business Ethics Article Analysis

  • Take notes from article: Before you start writing business ethics article analysis, you need to have solid grasp on what it is all about. To do this effectively, you need to make notes or to read the article for several times. When you read, list the main points, evidences presented as well as assumption that the author makes. The time you are done reading, make notes on what kind of person that the article will appeal to and why that individual can find arguments compelling.
  • Choose a thesis statement: In this stage, you need to make bundle or notes. You need to put the idea together and ensure it is written into coherent thought. In your notes, ask yourself whether it convinces you or not. Your answer will serve as your thesis but you still need to add some main arguments when you need.
  • Choose your main points: It is not easy to write business news article analysis but knowing tips will help you. When you already have your thesis, read again your notes and find at least three reasons in supporting your claims. Using evidence is essential in this stage. Get evidence from the text in order to back up your points. Read on what the author’s do well and what he fails to do but that will depend on your stance. It is better when you focus on statistics as early as possible.
  • Prove you point: When you start writing, make notes of format that your teacher requires. You need to introduce both author’s stance and topic before you write about the thesis in the introduction paragraph. Bear in mind that you need to arrange the body paragraphs in order to present the best argument. In each body paragraph, you need to start with strong topic sentence. You need to give evidence coming from the article and ways it proves your topic sentence. If required, you might also want to use secondary sources in proving interpretation. In your conclusion part, make sure to wrap up your analysis and end it with prating thought.

Whatever business analysis article you will write whether it is business law article, the important thing is that you need to be focus on what you are doing.

You need read the article carefully and make notes of essential information. Take note of the thesis statement, its purpose and any evidences presented.

A key to have a successful evaluation is by understanding the article and by presenting arguments. You can never impress readers when you do not ensure that you give what they need to know. Understand the article and make an analysis that is interesting that is worth to read.

If you need to perform an article SEO analysis, you are free to use the tips we’ve gathered.

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