Tips on Creating Impressive Technical Article Analysis

technical article analysis

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Technical analysis is about predicting future stock price, commodities and others that is based on prices in the past and performance of securities. In this analysis, it applies the law of supply and the law of demand in understanding how stock market and securities exchanges work.

Tips in Writing Impressive Technical Article Analysis

  • Look for results: In technical article for college magazine analysis, you need to be focus on periods that is not longer than a month. Looking for quick results is important so you need to know the results as much as possible.
  • Read charts and spot trends: In order to have a good and impressive technical article analysis, you need to look at graphs and charts of security prices in spotting general direction where the price will be headed. Keep in mind that trends are classified by duration and type:
  • Down trends: Seen when highs and lows are definitely lower
  • Up trends: Characterized by highs and lows that is progressively higher
  • Trend lines: Drawn in order to connect successive highs and successive lows to others
  • Trends: Classified as major trends when it last for long years
  • Understand concept of resistance and support: Support means it refers to lowest price when security reaches more buyers and resistance is referring to highest price when security reaches owners in selling their shares.
  • Pay attention to volume of trends: You need to know about how much buying as well as selling goes on. If trading volume increases, then the price will also rise substantially. The trend in here is valid but when the trading volume slightly increases and the price rise, then the trend is due to the reverse itself.

Important Things to Consider for Technical Article Analysis

  • Introduction: Know about the problem or questions. You need to identify the central focus and secondary problems. Identifying the source of data is important too. You can find this on the questionnaire, existing statistical information, intensive interview and others.
  • Select two most complicated variables in article: Choosing variables that makes the author have a hard time to figure out how to measure it or how to explain is a good idea for your analysis. State the concept that is used and provide a summary of what the author says about it.
  • Give your own evaluation: Since you are making an analysis, you need to provide your own evaluation about that article. Make sure to understand it completely or else you cannot make a good evaluation.

If you still want to know more, you can read a technical article example or a political article analysis on the web. It will help you to gain ideas on how to write the best analysis for it.

Make sure that you read the article first before you start evaluating it or giving opinions. Never criticize a work especially if you do not understand the point. To have an effective analysis of technical article, reading it for numerous times is required.

Jot down main points so that you will not forget it. Highlighting also some of the ideas will help you.

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