Tips on Writing Amazing Political Article Analysis

political article analysis

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Some students have a hard time in writing political article analysis because they need to understand the article. They need to get the main purpose and its main idea. Complete understanding is a key to write a good analysis.

Tips in Writing Article on Political Parties

  • Read the article: To have good political party article analysis, it is essential to read the article. Make notes when reading. Although you read the article, reading it again will help you to understand it more. It is better to highlight meaningful passage at the same time checking for connections. Write your responses in blank sheet of paper.
  • Investigate other sources: There are numerous kinds of article on political parties that you can analyze. When you already have the topic you want to study, investigating others sources that will support the main ideas are a good idea. It helps you in gathering enough ideas. There are ideas that you can use in getting deeper understanding. Visit academic database or library in looking for references.
  • Analyze arguments: It is essential to analyze arguments you gathered. Read every perspective logically and understand it. Look for strengths and weaknesses. Write down your opinions about that article. Keep in mind that you are making an analysis that is why you need to read the article excellently.
  • Identify author’s thesis: You need to know the thesis statement of the author. You have easy understanding when you know the main idea that the author is discussing about. Ask yourself about what context of argument the author is arguing.
  • Note main ideas: To have a good analysis, you need to identify the main ideas of the political newspaper article.
  • Research unfamiliar material: Use encyclopedia and dictionary to look for unfamiliar words. It helps you to have an in-depth understanding about the article.
  • Describe the article using your own words: Create an outline of your work as well as a brief summary. Thorough reading is necessary.
  • Evaluate how author conveyed the meaning: Ask yourself what did you feel when you are reading the article. Did you become upset, angry or happy? Why?
  • Determine the reason of the author whether it changes your mine or not.
  • Ask yourself whether you agree or not to the author.
  • Select noteworthy areas to analyze: Check your notes and identify if there are observations you want to expand or discuss in detail. In analysis, you need to focus about the author like what point is stronger than others are. You also need to examine the ability of the author and ways on how he presented his point. In your analysis, provide is the article is well researched or not. Check if the article is cohesive, have a good structure and well organized.
  • Balance positive and negative: Most analysis is a mix of both positive and negative. If your analysis includes greater positive detail than negative, you need to start it with negative before you start defending the positive.

The above written tips are also applicable to a science article.

Feel free to use them and start working on your project.

In some cases, writing an analysis is not an easy thing because you need to dig deeper in order to know what the article or newspaper is all about. You need to understand it to make a critical analysis. Start reading the article and write your analysis now!

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