Tips on Writing Unsurpassed Marketing Research Article Analysis

marketing research article analysis

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Learning how to write marketing research article analysis will help you on what you need to do. You need to analyze all the information presented so that you can make an incredible evaluation. It will help you to connect with your readers.

Tips in Writing Marketing Research Article Analysis

  • Identify the market: In writing social media marketing article, you will have a bit difficulty. Also, it is hard to meet the needs of everyone with single service or product. You need to identify the target market and to know specific group of people. List all consumers, which include buyers, businesses and intermediaries. Split it into different groups like supply stores, young families and small business owners.
  • Industry outlook and description: In this stage, you need to discuss about current state and place it is headed. You need to present about industry metrics like size, life cycle, trends, as well as projected growth.
  • Target market: In your previous market analysis, you need to look at general scope. As of now, you need to be specific. It is essential to establish a wonderful idea about the target market. With this, there are things you need to do:
  • Use persona and characteristics: You need to include demographics like income, location and age. You also need to include customer’s psychographics. Know their interests as well as buying habits in order to explain your best position in meeting their needs.
  • Market size: You need to get real in here. Make a research to find out where and who are the competitors.
  • Competitive analysis: This is the part where you need to dissect. It is great idea to know what you are against and where you in favor. Write if there are customers being underserved and in your article on internet marketing analysis, you need to have:
  • Market: How big is the market for services and goods? Determine their growth rate and you also need to include general outlook as well as trends in the market. Provide about main competitors and secondary competitors.
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses: What the competition is good at and where does it fall. Tell about the strengths and their weaknesses
  • Barriers to entry: Give details about barriers in entering particular market. What is the cost of entry and if anyone allowed to enter the market? You need to be honest with yourself and with investors. If you will become unrealistic, it is not good for your analysis.
  • Regulations: Are there specific restrictions or regulations you need to provide? If so, you need to bring it up and ensure to discuss how you or people will comply with it. Make sure to address also about the compliance cost.

There are many things that should be done in article analysis. Whatever analysis you will write whether it is about business, internet or social media; make sure that you have enough resources.

Make sure that you understand what the article is all about to construct a magnificent evaluation.

If you are working on another project and lack inspiration, it is OK to use extra help.

Follow our secret tips and tricks for business ethics article analysis and simplify your writing process.

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