Topic of my essay is noise pollution. Please help to write my essay!

When I write my essay on noise pollution, I start by giving a definition of the term. Noise pollution is human created noise which can be harmful to the health and human welfare. I can also describe the normal levels of hearing and the levels that noise pollution causes. Noise pollution is not physical like land or water pollution but it is still heard. People still suffer from its adverse effects.

When I write my essay, I can discuss the causes and effects of noise pollution. The most common culprits of noise pollution are transportation vehicles such as airplanes, trucks and boats. Another common culprit is the construction sites. The heavy machineries used at construction sites make very loud noises which disrupt the surroundings near it. Other contributors of noise pollution are factories. People who often play loud music are also contributors to noise pollution.

One of the top harmful effects of noise pollution is damage to a human’s sense of hearing. Loud sounds can cause temporary or even permanent deafness in a person when continuously subjected to loud noises. Some other effects include irritation and annoyance due to the loud noise and speech and sleep interference. Noise pollution can also lead to stress.

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When I write my essay, I can also discuss ways on how to reduce noise pollution. Because noise pollution is also considered an environmental issue, it would be a good idea to give suggestions as how to help in reducing noise pollution. Plus, it can also be a short trivia for my readers and can serve as a nice way to end my essay. One very good way I can avoid noise pollution is to not play my music at loud volumes when I am at home or in my car. This will not only be good for my ears but also for my neighbors.