Valuable Tips on Writing Poverty Article Analysis

It is not easy to write poverty article analysis because complete understanding required. You can never make a good analysis when you do not read the article as a whole and get what its main point. To start, here are things to consider.

  • Prepare all reading material: In writing analysis for article about poverty, you need topoverty article analysis online understand what you will analyze. When you are reading the article, make notes about the thesis of the author. Know about what he is arguing about and what the context of argument is. Did he offer any solutions to the problem or not? If there are supporting evidences presented, make note of it. Know how it supports the argument of the author. Do not also forget to know what kind of appeal that the author makes to persuade readers? For instance, does he use logos, ethos or pathos? Write the responses so that you will not forget.
  • Writing the analysis: In your newspaper article on poverty analysis, you need to introduce what you’re analyzing with pertinent details. Do not forget about the title and about the author. You can start by writing a brief summary. Regardless, it is essential to insert probably in your first paragraph an explicit and clear statement of the argument of the author. You need to say that the “author argues that.” in your introduction. Then, in your subsequent paragraphs, you need to describe the main supporting points or evidences. Evaluating them is important. In addition, do not forget that you need to support your evaluation with evidences coming from the article. Use proper citation for paraphrases and quotes. Always remember that a critical analysis is completely different from summary. It may have a summary but you should not go beyond it. What you need to do is to give an informed analysis and your main purpose is to evaluate the article. You need to determine whether the poverty article is useful, worthwhile, significant, essential or truthful.
  • Other questions to consider: Is the article and its main points have relevance? Is there are any controversy that surrounding the article? What are its strengths and weaknesses, the methodology, evidence as well as author’s conclusion?

Some of the above mentioned tips are applicable to other types of articles. You are free to use them whenever you need it.

If you lack inspiration when writing a technical article analysis, these tips and tricks might help you.

To have a good analysis on newspaper article on poverty, reading it many times is needed. If you read it for the first time and you do not get the main idea or you do not fully understand, it is better to read it again. You can never make a good analysis about it when you just write and write. It is advisable to exert enough time and effort to present a good evaluation. The key in order to have a good paper is to ensure that you do your best and you devote ample time reading and writing the article. If you want to satisfy your readers, be sure that you are doing the right thing. Prepare all the materials you need before you start writing your analysis about poverty.

Do not waste your precious time and begin writing today!

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