What do I write in my Wal-Mart essay? Never worked there! :))

This should be introductory information on the retail chain. A brief history of the founder, Sam Walton and his brother can e given to give background information. The first store was opened in 1945 after WWI and thereafter many others followed. It must be noted that the company operated privately until 1970 when it went public.

Give an overview of the management of the company. Despite the fact that company went public in 1970, the Walton family still holds a large chunk of the company shares. Its headquarters are still in Bentonville, Arkansas city.

Product line
Ever since its incorporation, the company has expanded to various lines and with stores in major cities around the globe. The product line includes but is not limited to family and household goods, beauty products, clothing and textile and many others.

The company has been known to sell expensive products from major producers at very affordable prices. This is due to the economist of scale that in the long run allows producers to make money profits.

Employment policy
As is the case with multinationals, the company has many employees both directly and indirectly. It also has franchises around the world which have enabled brand recognition in most markets. Since the 1970s however, most supermarket chains have casual employees with varied terms of employment.

The thesis statement should be restated in the conclusion. A personal opinion should then be given dependent on the information gathered from reviewed material, the company financial records and the position given in the essay.

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