What ideas can you give me to write my essay on social networking?

When I write my essay on social networking, I should begin by defining social networking. I should also talk about how social networking is run when I write my essay. Social networking is an online platform or site that centers on building social networks among people who may share the same interests or activities. It also lets users hare their ideas, activities or events within their own networks. It will usually consist of a representation of a user (usually a profile), his or her social links and other various services. Social networking services are usually web based.

When I write my essay, I can also discuss the most popular social networking sites and its primary functions to give my readers a more concrete example of what a social networking site is. Two of the most popular social networking sites out on the Internet are Facebook and Twitter. Some other social networks include Friendster, Hi5, LinkedIn and Cyworld.

When I write my essay on social networking, it would help to discuss how social networking started. Social networking dated back to the early 90s when the potential for computer networking to simplify computer-based social interaction was suggested. There were different online services used such as Usene, ARPANET and BBS (Bulletin Board Services). The forerunners of social networking on the Internet began with popular sites such as Geocities and Tripod.com. These would focus on connecting people through chat rooms and personal webpages. User profiles became one of the main features of social networking sites in the late 90s. This allowed users to compile a list of “friends” and look for users with similar interests. This led to t new breed of social networking sites with sixdegrees.com in 1997,Makeoutclub in 2000 and Friendster in 2002. MySpace and LinkedIn came in a year later.

It was in 2005 that social networking had gained even more popularity. Facebook, one of the top social networking sites, was launched in 2004.

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