What is a deference between a nursing aide and a registered nurse?

In health career, there are choices whether you want to become a registered nurse or become a nurse aide. If you want to know the difference between registered nurse and nurse aide, check this out!

A registered nurse specializes in educating and treating patients. They are the ones who assist doctors and their role mainly is to provide assistance. Their tasks include recording and monitoring patient’s symptoms. They are the one who make care plans, order diagnostic tests and prepare patients for treatments or examinations. To become an RN, you need to have completed diploma.

A nurse aide, on the other hand provides support to nursing staff. Generally, they perform a routing patient care under supervision of licensed nurses or physicians. When it comes to job duties, nurse aides are the ones who groom or bathe their patients. They will be the one to take vital sign measurements such as temperature and pulse rate and the also bring meals to patients.
Nurse aide prepares hospital rooms, help patients to walk around and clean bedding. Much of their task involves social interaction including participating in some activities and conversing. The good thing is that federal government regulates nurse aides who work in long term nursing homes and nursing care facilities. You can become a certified nursing aide when you pass the state administered exam.

Registered nurse and nursing aide has different functions but their goals are the same. They need to treat their patients excellently. They need to make sure that everything that their needs are given to them. They need to give a healthy lifestyle to patients because it is their mission. Whether you are a nursing aide or registered nurse, you need to do your duties and responsibilities. You need to help the people around you who is in need of your help.

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