What is a good thesis for a pride and prejudice essay about feminism? How would you start one?

Pride and prejudice was written by a woman. Any female character complains in the story can be turned into Feminist complaints about how evil patriarchy oppresses/oppressed women. If any of the males character complains about anything, it can be explained as the result of how evil patriarchy imprisoned men in rigid sex roles. With the two, relate each one of them to present day and tell how much better society is today. Any problems exist in today’s society, it is the result of feminist utopia that has not been fully implemented.

To start writing a pride and prejudice essay about feminism, you need to know each character of the story. Know if they complain or not or if they consider herself as feminist. For instance, Jane Austin will not consider herself as feminist because there was none such thing in her day. It seems also that she want a happy marriage.

On the other hand, Elizabeth is a personal who stands up for herself and to her family. She does not allow herself to be easily intimidated by Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is a witty, strong minded and intelligent woman. You could see her to be a feminist in the sense that she does not allow herself to be dictated by others especially by men. She does not accept the marriage proposals from her suitors and give Mr. Darcy a strong lecture about his unjustified meddling and lack of manners.

But then Elizabeth comes to admire Mr. Darcy when she gets to know more about him. At the end of the story, her father is afraid that she marry Darcy for wrong reasons. Regardless, Elizabeth still indicates that he loves Mr. Darcy and she consider the superiority of him. This is not a feminist. A woman should regard her husband are head of the family and respect him.
Hope this helps.

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