What nursing degrees can I get?

There are many nursing degree you can choose from and it depends on what you want to get. Learn more about the nursing degrees that are available to you.

Associate’s degree in nursing: This is also known as ADN and it is a 2 year degree. You can obtain it from vocational school or community college. This is the minimum requirements to be RN.

Bachelor’s degree in nursing: This degree is required for many students but not to all nursing careers. This is typically a 4 year degree from college or university. Like other nursing degrees, it combines classroom learning and hands on training known as clinical. It allows students to get the firsthand experience they need. The degree must be obtained in accredited nursing program.
Masters of Science in Nursing: In order to get this degree, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This is required for students to wants to advance their career. Advanced practice nurses have more autonomy and clinical authority compared to bachelor’s degree. Some of the programs are focusing on medical specialties like clinical nurse specialist or forensic nursing.
Doctorate degrees in nursing: This is the highest degree in nursing. A doctorate level degree is good but not everyone is allowed to get it. In order to have this degree, you need to have diploma in bachelors and master’s degree. If you want to be called as “Doctor Nurse”, this is perfect for you but it is not easy to get. There are 2 types of doctorates in the program: the doctor of nursing practice that focus on clinical aspects and doctor of nursing science. The latter is chosen by many especially for individuals who want to be researchers or professors.

There you have the nursing degrees you can get for yourself. Choose the one that is appropriate to you and start enrolling today!

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