What should I do about writting my essay for school?

First and foremost, when I had this task about write my essay, I had to make five or more paragraphs covering any topic. You can also do this, however, you should explain all your perspective in an illuminating, clear and informative manner. I do my essay with these guidelines:
You need to define your context, if you have given an assigned essay,you need to consider parameters such as the format of the title page and the length of it. No matter what kind of essay is assigned, you need to follow all of them. You should also consider about the main point which you need to concentrate on.
When I do write essay for me, I choose a topic that suits me. By choosing a topic, try to choose a topic you are interested or you are passionate about. This will make your essay easier.
Next, after you have done this, you need to gather necessary information about the topic you choose. You need to back up your essay by providing evidence whether it is your own perspective or based on facts.
Having a good essay, you need to write your body. You can have two or more points that support your essay. You need to take note that each point should back up with evidence and arguments. After you had done with this, make sure to arrange all of your points in a logical order.
Moreover, having conclusion is also important. Have an overall summary of your points and suggest any methods about your essay such as what are the effects of your essay being true. You need only to come up with repackaging about your essay and not to discuss them.
After this, it is the time to write about your introduction such as beginning with a general statement followed by a question and problem, then, brief overview of your essay.
Overall, try to make some revise on your essay to make sure that you are happy with the result of your essay. Lastly, do not forget proofreading your essay to check if you have any grammatical errors and any spelling mistakes.