What steps are included in the prewriting phase of essay writing?

The prewriting stage is important to have an effective essay. It gives the outline and ideas according on what you will write. In this stage, you need to brainstorm and at least create an outline. Here are more steps in the prewriting phase of essay writing.

In the prewriting phase of essay writing, there are five steps to follow. The first one is to interpret the essay question. You need to understand the question to move to the next step. If you do not interpret or understand it, you cannot make a good paper. Collecting materials will be the next step. In this phase, searching on the internet is a must. It helps you in giving the details you need to write your essay but you should not entirely rely on the internet because you can also visit the library.
Books, journals and magazines can give the information you need. Gathering the materials are important because it is your source and you cannot present an effective paper without reliable sources. The next thing to do is to read and make notes. When you are done in researching, read all what you gathered and make notes on the essential details. After this, you must develop your ideas. Be sure to think how you organize your ideas.

The last step in the prewriting phase of essay writing is planning your essay. Make a plan on how you start writing your essay. With the steps presented, you can surely do it. Arrange the details and ensure that each idea is connected to one another. Ensure that it is not rumbled or scattered. Lastly, knowing the steps in prewriting essay is important because you have a guide. You will not have difficulties to start writing your essay. Whenever need to write an essay and you are in prewriting stage, there are five steps you always need to remember.

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