What this question for my Law studies essay mean: “Explain the law relating to misrepresentation.”

There are many kinds of misrepresentation like negligent misrepresentation, innocent misrepresentation and fraudulent misrepresentation. In writing essay on law relating to misrepresentation, there are factors to consider.

A misrepresentation occurs when facts are falsely stated by one person or party to another party with intentions of inducing to enter such contract. Law misrepresentation occurs if it was made recklessly or intentionally. With that in mind, it brought tort of deceit.

The fact is that it’s possible that you can sue a person for misrepresentation in tort action because it means that will always be remedy for the damages occurred. Take note that fraudulent misrepresentation will only be used if it is proved. For the defense of law relating to misrepresentation, an honest belief is your best defense. If there is honest belief, it will never be a hard time to justify or prove it.

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For law relating to misrepresentation, you need to show that you are innocence. If you do not intend to provide misrepresentation, you need to prove it. As of now, there are laws punishing misrepresentation so you need to be careful. If you do not want to cause fraud to others, know first what you are doing. The question law relating to misrepresentation means that in every action that we do especially if it’s intentional, there will be a punishment. Also, if the action was done recklessly, expect that a person will also be punished because of the damage he has done. To sum it up, the question can be answered in many ways and it is depends on how the student will justify it. They need to provide basis, evidences or examples to make their claims strong. If you are a law student, you will not have a hard time explaining it.

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