What to write in my essay on united kingdom government

To write my essay on this we need to be aware of the form of government in England. England has a parliamentary democracy with a constitution Monarch as the Head of State. The parliament in England represents the people. It is home of the representative democracy where the chosen representatives are send to serve the interests of the people. In England, the parliament is where the MPs decide laws and make decisions for the country. However, this is not the same as the government which runs the country. One of the jobs of the parliament is to ensure that the government is running the country properly.

In England the politicians are elected by the people and sent as Members of Parliament to the House of Commons in London. This is done during the general election, which is held no more than five years apart. The party which has the maximum number of MPs in the House of Commons ends up forming the government. The Queen of England is official Head of State. Since Britain a constitutional monarchy, the Queen just rules the country symbolically. The real power lies with the government and the parliament. Although the Queen opens the parliament session each year and the laws and statutes are passed in her name, she does not play any role in making any decisions, which rest solely with the Parliament and the government.

In the England form of government, there are two houses: The House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Commons is elected by the citizens and the House of Lords’ members are appointed by the Queen.

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