What to write my essay on?Theme, Symbol or Point of view?

An essay is easy to do when you know what factors, elements and other details you will include. Not all students are having a hard time in writing their essay because they have good writing skills and they do a good research. To start writing your essay, you need to have your theme and great point of view. Depending on your topic, you must have a theme whether it is in the form of a question or not. An essay needs a theme because it will be the main idea or point to be discussed in the paper.

A theme is a reflection on human experience and it can also be identified by examining what your topic is all about. You cannot have a good theme when you do not know anything about what you will write that is why you need to gather sources and books to help you come up with central idea. Usually, it is about one or two sentences that is written in the introduction part.

If you decided to present point of view, you need to back up it with evidences or examples. You should not just present your opinion without justifying it. People will not believe or will not be impress in your writing if it is only about pure opinions. Take note that when you already determine your theme, you can start formulating your thesis statement. It conveys a certain point about the theme. In your researching, if you find some important symbols. Write about it, what its meaning and how it is applicable. In writing your essay, you can choose to have a theme, symbol or point of view. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you need to support all what you write. Give examples and evidences as much as possible.

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