Write an Essay that Evaluates Oil Companies

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Many people struggle with essays especially research style essays where you have to actually dig out relevant and interesting information about a subject. Writing an essay that evaluates oil companies is just such an essay. It will require not just writing skills but research skills also if you are going to be able to find the data required to back up any assertions that you make within your essay.

Researching oil companies you will come across many articles on the internet that are incorrect or just poorly informed as not everyone bothers to check their facts; especially when they are seeking to turn people’s opinions against companies such as the big oil companies. So whatever sources of information you decide to use make sure that they are reliable and what they are quoting is accurate. Follow their references and citations to see where they have got their information.

Structuring Your Essay to Evaluate Oil Companies

Firstly you need to select the angle that you are looking to write about, are you going to evaluate and compare the performance of two companies such as Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, or are you going to look at the environmental performance of a company such as Chevron. When looking at the oil industry there are many issues that you can write about from the influence that the oil companies have on world politics to poor working practices in developing countries. In reality this is a great essay to write as you have the opportunity to find a unique perspective to write from as there are just so many choices you can make.

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Whatever your choice of topic may be however you will introduce it to the reader within your introduction. Here is where, if you are making an assumption such as “the oil companies have too much influence on the American government”, you will state it and set the case for proving what you believe. You will also give the reader some basic background information about the subject against which you analysis can be set.

The main body of your essay will then introduce the supporting arguments for your main assertion. Each argument should have a paragraph of its own and could cover subjects such as campaign donations for political figures.

The conclusion then sums up all of your arguments to support your main assertion thus showing that your assertion is correct. You also have the opportunity here to make your recommendations at to what you personally believe should be done to rectify the situation.

How We Can Write Your Essay that Evaluates Oil Companies

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