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Research Article Analysis Guide

The easiest way to write a research article analysis is to be well-versed in the topic of the research. This would make reading of the literature easier. However, If this is not the case, then the writer/reviewer should provide supplemental research as he/she proceeds with reading the analysis. Constant fact checks must be done, especially when writing science article analysis. Thorough reading must be done in order to proceed with the analysis. You should be able to utilize the supplied bibliography of the research article to be able to supplement for the things that are not explicitly stated in the article. It helps to write down notes as you read these articles. Writing down notes helps in establishing the main points and makes it easier to identify other key points in the article. These key points are important as these are the main points of evaluation throughout the article.

Critical Analysis of a Research Article Tips

There is no established formula on how to effectively write a research analysis. However, to successfully prevail in critical analysis of a research article, here are some tips that you can follow as well.

  • Take down notes and annotate your personal copy of the research article. It might help to highlight the important parts of the research article and to annotate to append to the content of the research article. By taking down notes, you are taking an active step in understanding the research article.
  • Read the research article multiple times in order to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the main points and the results the author is trying to establish. Upon knowing these, you should be able to put into context the importance of these points and results. What is the significance if author A found out this result? What are the repercussions of this finding?
  • Create an outline where you indicate your main thesis as you analyze this research article, whether it be a science article or a humanities article. From the main thesis of your article, you should be able to defend your stand using evidences either from the research article or from additional references.
  • Write drafts in order to polish and constantly improve your analysis of the research article.
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