Write my admission essay on invention. I should invent something new and explain why I have chosen exactly this device.

If there is anything in the world that I think about inventing, it is not a device or gadget but one that will definitely make a huge difference on humanity. But when I think of writing my essay about invention, the first thought that comes to mind is something cool that none of the telecommunication companies could have thought of. However, the more I think about it the more I am convinced that we are saturated by communication technology.

So, I think of what we really need and there is a lot. But for the purpose of writing my essay about invention, I would say a device that would make waste management much more efficient. I would start by providing reasons why waste management is important. And it is because waste is detrimental to our environment. It can cause diseases and create a serious threat to human health which will then extend to an entire community. This will be stressed in my essay writing.

After establishing an understanding on the reason for writing my essay about the invention of an efficient, effective and environment-friendly waste management device or machine, I will then proceed by summarizing the efforts the government has made in this regard. Unfortunately, the waste management methods that are currently employed still post certain risks to the environment. And nature definitely has a way of reacting, that is, in the form of natural calamities, sudden climate changes and the like.

When I write my essay, I will focus on what my invention can do much better. And this machine can help the entire humanity and make our world livable and sustainable so the future generation can still call earth home.

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