Write my argumentative essay on obesity

When I write my essay on obesity, I should start by talking about the condition. Obesity is when a person has a body weight which is greater that what is considered as healthy. An obese person also has a higher amount of body fat in his or her system. Writing an argumentative essay on obesity is just like writing any other argumentative essay. I list down the points I want to discuss and present them in a clear and coherent manner.

When I write my essay, I can talk about the causes, risks and effects of the condition. Ingesting more calories than you can burn can lead to weight gain and later on, obesity. Obesity can be caused by consuming more food than your body can use, excessive alcohol drinking and the lack of exercise. Those who used to be smokers or those with a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to be obese.

When I write my essay, I can also talk about how obesity can be treated. Proper exercise and nutritious eating habits are very important when it comes to keeping an eye on your weight. The safest way to healthy living is to have a good exercise regime. One of the best ways to treat obesity is through a healthier diet and better exercise habits. A lifestyle change is also a good way to losing weight. For example, I will try to eat healthier snacks in between meals and I will only eat them in small amounts. There is also avoiding stress eating because there are people who tend to eat more when they are stressed.

When I write my essay, I should highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid obesity. I go back to my previous points and use those to argue that obesity should be avoided. I can also talk about the dangers of being obese and highlight the statistics on obesity. This will strengthen my arguments on why obesity is a problem that should be addressed early on.

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