Write my essay about the causes of terrorism, please.

I have recently written my own essay on this topic and want to give you some pieces of advice. First of all, you should approach this topic seriously as terrorism is a great disaster for modern world and you should put in a lot of effort while writing your essay on the causes of terrorism.

In introductory paragraph of your essay I advise you to give the definition of the term “terrorism” itself and say about the acuteness, importance and influence of this phenomenon. You can support your words by statistical facts ( say how many terroristic acts have been committed in the world recently; how many people died, how many were injured, etc.)

Next, in the main body of your essay you are to present the main factors which cause terrorism. When I wrote my essay, I concentrated on 2 main reasons of terrorism:
1) Social and Political injustices committed by governments.
As an example you can give suicidal bombing of Palestinian who believe that Israel has taken over their land and want to get it back by engaging themselves with such horrible acts.

2)The belief that there is no other way to make a change, except for terrorism is the 2nd main reason. In this paragraph, you can give a situation which occurred in Egypt, for example, when thousands of protestors went out on the streets in Tahrir Square (Egypt’s Capital City) demanding a change in government.

Additionally, you can provide another classification, which includes:
1.Psychological reasons.
2.Sociological reasons.
3.Social/Economical issues.
4.Religious/Political issues.

Dwell on each of this reasons in a separate paragraph of your essay and you will do great!

Finally, when drawing a conclusion of your essay about the causes of terrorism, state the most important reasons once again emphasizing the connection between them. Moreover, in the final paragraph, you can show your own attitude to terrorism.

This is probably all I can say concerning this subject, good luck!