Write my essay on Art Education

Before writing my essay on art education, let make it clear, this is a very creative and innovative form of education. Drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making, pottery, weaving, fabrics making, photography, video shooting , film making , costume designing, computer art, music all comes under this form of education.

The field and scope both of this form of education is very vast. There are thousands of arts education curricular models or models for arts or arts-based professional development for teachers that schools and community organizations use. Some assert that the core discipline of Western art education like drawing. It is quite obvious that the children when involved in art education develop a better understanding of other subjects, right from languages to geography to even science. While making kids creative during drawing session, they are provided with the required equipments and allowed to draw any thing they want using their imagination. This helps them developing decision making skills. It may be any form on art, all helps in development of one’s intelligence. Art forms such as drama and skit activities develop the overall personality of a child. They build a child’s self esteem and make him disciplined. A child due to his engagement in art becomes much more creative and innovative. He develops motivation and also learns how to cooperate with others.

The importance of art education can be understood well, when we go back to ancient history. The olden temples and monuments have beautiful carvings. That’s a form of art work too. These art work unfolds the custom and tradition of the olden days. Ultimately it can be said that art education is a good way of social, emotional, intellectual and personal and career development.

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