Write My Essay On Failure. It’s an admission essay about unsuccessful experience in my life.

When I write my essay on failure, I will take this opportunity to evaluate the mistakes I have made in life and the unsuccessful endeavors that I have gone through. I must identify what my most unsuccessful experience was.

When I write my essay, I begin by giving the context of the circumstance. I will talk about the event. I can describe it in detail. I should remember not to overdo the details because I am only doing this so that my reader will understand the context of my essay. For example, I can talk about not winning in the science fair. I worked over my project and slaved over it for days. One could say it was my baby, my brainchild. I was happy to have made it to the finals but unfortunately, I did not win first prize. I was heartbroken. I felt that all my efforts went to waste.

When I write my essay, it is important that I highlight the steps I have taken to overcome my failure. At first, I was bitter and hurt that I did not win the competition. But as the days went by, I slowly began to acknowledge that someone was better than me. I accepted the fact that someone had a better project and deserved to win that award. Not winning drove me to perform better in class and to come up with more creative projects. From that experience onwards, I continued to strive for excellence. In the next science fair competition, my hard work paid off. I had won first prize. I could not have done it had it not been for my drive to push forward and do better.

When I write my essay, I should also discuss the impact of this experience in my life. I can talk about the changes that have happened to me since the experience. I can also talk about the lessons I have gained from it. I can also add some insights on the experience for more depth.

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