Write my essay on the workload. Do Americans overwork?

When I write my essay on whether or not Americans overwork, I would start by discussing the very nature of a person who “overworks.” When a person overworks, it means that he or she is spending too much time on work and less time doing other things. In other words, he or she can be called a workaholic. In another context, being overworked means that employees are offered less free days or leaves.

When I write my essay, I can also describe a workaholic and the traits and characteristics of an overworked person. Someone who overworks will be willing to spend long hours after work (sometimes working until the wee hours in the morning) to continue his or here work.

When I write my essay, I should remember to answer the question if Americans are overworked. I can back up my argument with research and statistics. For example, I can talk about the percentage of Americans who usually take on extra work and clock in overtime on a regular basis. I can also discuss the laws governing labor in the United States which lead to having Americans put in more work hours. For example, America is the only industrialized country that has no legal mandatory annual leave. I can also indicate how many days off with pay do American employees receive and compare it to what other countries have to offer.

When I write my essay, I can also talk about the effects of having too much workload. For one, it causes more stress to the person. Stress then leads to other things. There is less time for his or her personal life. There is less time for the family and friends. There is less time for leisurely activities and hobbies. It can also affect a person physically and mentally.

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