Write my evaluation essay on mandatory vaccination

When I write my essay on mandatory vaccination, I start by talking about the nature of vaccination and explain why it is needed. Vaccination is when a vaccine is given to stimulate the immune system of an individual towards a certain illness or disease. It is said to be the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases. In earlier times, illnesses such as German measles (or Rubella), and whooping cough killed thousands of children because there was no cure and no way to prevent them. Thanks to modern medicine and technology, children can prevent catching the illness.

When I write my essay, I present both sides of the issue, I begin by explaining why vaccination is needed in the first place. From there, I discuss why children must undergo mandatory vaccination. Vaccination helps avoid particular illnesses early on. This is more important especially with children because they have weaker immune systems and are more prone to getting sick. Having a mandatory vaccination can help in slowly eradicating illnesses as it had in the past (with polio and smallpox). It should also be noted that vaccines help prevent illnesses and is more cost-efficient for parents. Instead of spending more on medicines when the child contracts the illness, parents are better off investing in vaccines which will help in the long run.

When I write my essay, I should not forget to talk about the negative aspect of implementing mandatory vaccination. While vaccines are good for children because they help avoid illnesses, they can also have some adverse effects on some children. Even though it happens on a rare occurrence, there are those who have serious reactions to vaccines which can include shock, paralysis, or sudden death. Add to that, mandatory vaccination forces parents to give their children something they do not wish for. Parents should have the right to decide if they want their children to receive mandatory vaccination.

When I write my essay, I should end it by summarizing the important points of the arguments I presented earlier. For extra input, I can throw in my insights and reactions to this issue.

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