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When writing an essay you need to consider what you have been asked to write and how you have been asked to write it and the audience. This will dictate the essay styles that you will be required to write using. Style can be defined many ways with regards to how you structure the words themselves within your essay to how you structure the overall essay itself.

The first point when writing about essay styles would be to introduce your reader to the difference and give them an overview as to what style is and its importance within the written form. This will form the introduction to your essay and allow the reader to understand what it is that you will be talking about within the main body or discussion section of your essay.

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The Main Body of Your Essay about Essay Styles

For most essays you would structure your essay around three main sections, the introduction that we have already discussed above, the main body and then the conclusion. Your main body is where you discuss the topic that you are focusing on at some length, This is why this section is also referred to as the discussion section by some.

For an essay about essay styles you will need to decide the specific focus of your essay, will you decide to write about specific styles of essay or will you write about the styles of writing used within your essay.

If you decide to talk about the styles of essay, you can cover several different types such as the following:

  • Argumentative or Persuasive essays
  • Cause and effect essays
  • Comparison and Contrasting essays
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Narrative Essays.

These are just some of the main essay styles that you could use. For each you would write a paragraph that explained what the main purpose of the style was and how you would write it. For example; you would explain that within an argumentative or persuasive essay the writer seeks to bring the reader across to the writers point of view through reasoned argument supported by the discussion section of the essay.

For the conclusion of your essay you will then summarize this information and maybe supply the reader with any personal opinions as to which you prefer to use and why.

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