Essay Writing Tips on Punctuation

Even though punctuation seems to be of no concern to many students, it plays a huge role in essay writing, so if you want to achieve success in this field, be sure to pay close attention as to where you put your commas, exclamation and question marks, etc. Even the best academic paper turns into some plain and not interesting text without punctuation. If you have written essay and you are on an editing and proofreading stage, be sure to read through these tips. Our WriteMyEssay.Biz experts hope this advice might be of great help.

  1. Question mark should be used only at the end of the direct question and in all other cases you should use period.
  2. Exclamation marks are very good at indicating emotionally colored sentences or making them stand out, but too many of them in one essay could lead to the similar effect as if you were shouting something out on a street.
  3. Hyphen is used to link parts of compound words, but it would be wise to look at the dictionary to know for certain whether the word needs it or not.
  4. Apostrophe is used for contractions, but make sure to place it correctly, otherwise the sentence may lose its sense.
  5. Commas are used to join clauses of a compound sentence; to single out all forms of apposition; to single out the phrases in an unusual syntactic position; to set off all the parenthetic words and phrases as well as to separate item in a list when listing more than one of them.
  6. Besides that, commas are used to separate numbers, days, months and years, etc.
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